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Unit Trust Investments

In the simplest sense, pre-retirement planning prepares you for life after paid work ends, not just financially but in all aspects of life. It is therefore essential to prepare well in advance.

This includes:

  • Contributions to retirement annuities;
  • Building discretionary investments;
  • Taking advantage of tax-free savings;
  • Considering income in your investment (even though you don’t need it yet); and
  • Beating inflation.

It also includes non-financial aspects, such as:

  • Lifestyle choices;
  • How and where you would like to spend your time during retirement;
  • Where you would like to live; and
  • When to completely stop working, etc.

Retirement Annuities

Post-retirement planning ensures that the money you have managed to accumulate in pre-retirement years will last long enough in retirement. Income is a vital aspect of post-retirement planning – you need to consider the drawdown effect – and that your investments are positioned accordingly.

Life Insurance

Estate planning ensures succession and continuation and encompasses the process of anticipating and arranging for the management and disposal of your estate, during your life, and at the time of and after death, while minimising donations, estate, capital gains, and income tax.

Disability Insurance

This entails guiding you, as the investor, into the proper investment and savings vehicles, based on your future goals, time horison and priorities. Ideally, proper investment and savings planning will allow your money to produce long-term financial rewards.

Income Protection

The eventualities of life can spoil the funding of a great retirement plan. Risk and insurance planning is therefore a critical component of a comprehensive financial plan. Apart from growing your wealth, you need to consider protecting it in the accumulation phase. This is achieved by getting the right risk assurance in place to help you deal with all contingencies and unforeseen events.

Dread Disease

We ensure that you carefully consider and adequately manage the right structures to protect and grow your wealth. Our approach entails utilising trusts and companies to ensure the protection and continuity of your wealth.